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The NEXT BIG THING out of Dallas: Scandalous Interviews Randall Stephens from Big Story

One tour down with Seether, another slated for early February 2018 with Grammy nominated artist Nothing More & everyone's latest music crush, The Contortionist. Big Story is a culmination of typical local music scene trial and error, playing local musician magical chairs until thunder strikes. Thunder has struck & breaking out of the music scene quicker than anything we've seen since the likes of Drowning Pool & Pantera, they are definitely the ones to watch.

Photo Credit: @SicPicPhotography

Scandalous: I’m so glad to be talking to one of my favorite bands from my own music scene in Dallas & Deep Ellum: Big Story! You guys completed your first national tour with a little band, you may have heard of them, I think their name is SEETHER! How were things for you guys out on the road?

Randall Stephens: Oh, Miss Scandalous.. very happy to be talking with you too. Thanks for thinking of us. Things were great.. eventful.. magical.. eye-opening.. humbling.. fire-fueling.. larger than life.. stuff like that. Seriously we're had the time our lives out there - getting to reach thousands of people with our music and learning from some of the best in the biz with Seether.

S: Any hilarious-Will Ferrell type things happen on the road?

RS: Well, let's see.. our guitarist, Dave got his jeans cut into daisy-dukes by Shaun Morgan (Seether) with basically a Bowie knife at a bar in front of everyone, and then had to walk multiple blocks in public, wearing them, AND THEN had to wear them on stage for our entire set in Milwaukee, WI in front of, ohh, probably 3,000 people? So that was hilarious!

There was that and also, our photog/merch girl, I mean guy, Carlos, woke up in the middle of the night from a night terror, moaning/whimpering like an old lady, crying, "Oh noooo..!" LOL. It was especially funny because of his uber pronounced, Chilean accent. It's a thing we say now. That and "greased bee-bee", but I'll keep it PG for this conversation's sake.

S: On a professional level, have you picked up anything from the band as musicians?

RS: Oh, man absolutely. Seether slays it night in and night out. You think their records are heavy? Go see them live - have your insides rattled a bit. Every single one of those dudes are pros to a "T". I'd say that's what we've taken from being around them/observing them on that run - just seeing in the flesh what it takes to be a pro - I'll be a forever student to that game.

S: So being that we’re both from Dallas. I wanted to talk to you a little bit about the Dallas & Deep Ellum music scene. What, if anything, from the Dallas & Deep Ellum music scene has acted as a catalyst for the band?

RS: Love this question because I fucking love Dallas - always have. Growing up in Waco, TX, I've always looked up to the big city - as soon as I got my driver's license I would sneak out pretty regularly (sorry, Ma), and drive up to Deep Ellum just to cruise Elm, Main and Commerce so I could get a peek at the clubs up here like Trees and Clear View and Curtain etc... A lot of killer music history here, and a lot of great venues to use as a platform to launch a project. So that.. that I feel is a definite advantage to bands, and it definitely has benefited Big.

S: Well talking about what inspires you, straight to what inspires me. Your first EP is incredible and has me happily addicted. The songs “I Can’t Be Alone” & “Such Things” really set the tone. What goes through your mind when you sing those lyrics?

RS: Ah man, so many thoughts! lol. Well, first thank you for picking it up - we are very happy you dig. When I sing ICBA umm... I think about desperation. That's the place the song is written from - pure desperation. Needing something so badly, and getting so close to having it, but it being perpetually just ever so slightly out of reach that it drives him mad with desperation, dooming him to failure. Without his fix, he lives his greatest fear - he is nothing, and he is alone.

Such Things... This one is an emotional one as well. But more aggressive, rather than reflective like ICBA. It's a jealousy/anxty/irrationaly/impulsivey/frustratedy/crime-of-passiony love song lol. So I'd say I think about a hodgepodge of things while singing it because it's written from the perspective of a toxic, romantic relationship where trust and mutual respect is non-existent. This guy doesn't understand his relationship. He's poisoned by obsession and panic. Swarming, circling, reeling thoughts and emotions result in this guy fantasizing of murder-suicide. You know, love songs lol.

S: If you could write music for one show on Netflix, which one would you want your music to be the soundtrack to?

RS: Not sure if it's on Netflix, but "The Never-Ending Story" would prob be my first choice. Romance, conflict, action, fantasy, flying dog-dragon, scary ass wolf and shit... so yeah lol Plus.. it never ends ;)

S: That’s it. Everyone cancel your plans & go listen to Big Story’s self titled album DayDream. Any last words for your growing fan base out there?

RS: Yep! Thank you guys for helping us grow! Come to a show, and TELL YOUR FRIENDS!