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The Nixons, Zac Maloy interview with Scandalous

The Nixons, Zac Maloy interview with Scandalous in 2017. Subscribe to Scandalous: http://bit.ly/2nrSl2v

I loved the Nixons! Didn't you?!?! Well they're back, they're playing shows and they're not done yet! We chat about the good old times, Zac's favorite bands to tour with back in the day & their new single "Song of the Year'.

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In 2017, the Nixons announced a couple of reunion shows with the band's classic Foma line-up (Maloy, Davis, Brooks and Humphrey) which played in their native Oklahoma and also as a part of the KDGE "THE EDGE" Edgefest 25th Anniversary line-up in Frisco, Texas. Additionally, The Nixons Official Facebook page was created, where the 4 members are constantly uploading rare videos as well as unreleased pictures and memories.

A brand new song called "Song of the Year" was released on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify in early June. The Nixons will release the Song of the Year EP in the fall of 2017, making it their first album release in 17 years. The band will also re-release their debut album Halo on vinyl for the first time, newly remastered by original producer Kerry Crafton. Both Song of the Year EP and Halo albums can be pre-ordered now via their Official Merch Store. They will play a handful of dates towards the end of 2017.