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10 Ways To Get Your Non Rock/ Metal Friends To Go To A Rock/ Metal Show With You

Break out the plastic and take the extra step to create an account on Ticketmaster.com for faster log-in and easy one-click purchase. The Summer concert/festival season is here, and it's hot, sweaty, smelly and my absolute favorite time of year. If you're like me, you always get stuck on the purchase page struggling to know if you need 1 or 2 tickets... What if no one can go, what if they can't find a babysitter? What if they can go, but you don't buy both tickets together and one ends up being pit, and the other general admission?! ... THE HORROR!!!

To avoid this, I like to take 6 months to build up the courage to once or twice a year to invite one of my "non rocker" friends to go to a "super fun, it will be so much fun, you'll love it, you would really like their music", show with me. I'm always the YES to everything one in my group. I agree first and regret later quietly to myself, in my head, with a smile on my face. The rest of my group takes a little more persuasion.



1). Ask them with all of the love in your heart, on bended knee, while you present them with a dozen fire engine red roses. Red roses always do the trick, don't they?! ;)

2). @Shelley.mf.gillman says to offer to buy their drinks. This is genius because they get free drinks and you get a partner in crime for the night. If they buy you drinks back, you know you have a partner in crime for life.

3.) Scott from Saint Vitus hilariously contributed, "Tell em' the band sounds like Black Sabbath."

4.) Everyone loves a deal, and so do I! If the tickets to the show you want to go to are a little pricey, go to the venue Facebook page, then to the event post on the venue Facebook page. and to the specific Event on that Facebook post. Scan the page to see if anyone is offering up their tickets at a discounted rate, or post to the event page that you are looking for tickets. I always undercut by 20-30%. More money for parking, hot dogs and cold beers. As Homer Simpson always says, "hotdogs... beer... mmmmmmmmm."

5.) FREE! EVERYONE LOVES FREE! Check the FREE TICKET GIVEAWAY from the Bad Wolves Facebook page here. http://bit.ly/SummerTicketGiveaway They are giving away 2 FREE tickets to 3 winners, to any show on their tour with Five Finger Death Punch, Breaking Benjamin & Nothing More!

6.) Everyone loves to meet a rockstar. You never know what the show will hold or who you'll meet. Whether you want to get the artist's attention while they're on stage so you can sing their lyrics back to them eye to eye, say hi, or get something signed, it makes for an unforgettable experience.

Tips For Meeting The Band Or Getting Their Attention

  • Not to knock the traditional black t-shirt, but if you want to get noticed or stand out... A color other than black really pops out to an artist scanning the crowd in a sea of black.

  • Stay early, leave late. You never know who will be walking around.

  • Be cool... they're just people.

7.) Metalheads are better people. Period. @prettyhanson suggests explaining the lyrics behind the music. Loud and heavy doesn't just mean crazy and hardcore. It's crazy, hardcore, beautiful and therapeutic. Don't believe me? Just check this study posted by The Hook.

8.) Any friends in your group suddenly single? Newly single ladies will find a plethora of men to accidentally bump in to

"on accident" in the crowd. With any luck the accidental bump in to will lead to a friendly cocktail at the bar and an eventual wedding invitation in the mail. Gentlemen... If a guy is going to his first rock/ metal show ever, they will be exposed to a whole new group of women in attendance... Ohhhh all those fish in the sea.

9.) If you are going to a guaranteed rock-on, mosh-on kinda show. Lie to them and make sure they don't click this link. Don't do it! Don't click this link. I'm warning you!

10.) Tell them they are going to love the music and have a great time! If all else fails, guilt trip them in to going!

Just a little something funny...

I was researching out what other people had to say about introducing new people to metal when I came across this hilarious Youtube video of Whitney Moore from MetalSucks introducing her family to metal music for the first time (click the image below to check it out). She OH SO SMARTLY plied them with lots of Sangria and they all ended up digging it! Hilariously so, Whitney picked Watain of all metal bands to first introduce her Mom too & she didn't hate it! The very next day, one of my girlfriends texted me out of the blue and asked if I knew who Watain was! She's more of a Justin Timberlake type, and not so much a Sepultura. See my response to the funniest text I've ever gotten below.