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Bar banter with Adam from Oceano at The Grammercy Theater

If you drop the band name Oceano around a group of metal heads, there's going to be a scuffle, and "Alpha-Metalhead" competition going around as to who gets the first shot of saying, "Oh my God, I love Oceano". So you can imagine how pleased I was to be across the bar from, and soon knocking a few back with Oceano powerhouse vocalist himself, Adam Warren.

Within minutes, he was definitely one of my favorite people I've sat down to chat with in awhile--heart of gold and super funny kinda feels. I talked about my hometown, he talked about his, and we quickly got down to this being my first metal show in NYC at The Gramercy Theater, and the stories went down like Jagerbombs from there.

If you've ever been a fan of Christmas coming early, you're going to love this part... Oceano is currently on tour with Carnifex and Winds of Plague making this lineup so irresistible for any Metalhead worth their weight in pit. Full list of remaining tour dates here.

Check out this off-the-cuff bar banter video with Adam and I as we chat Oceano pit tips and where you can find us after the show.