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Winds of Plague: Back Again, Like They Never Really Left

Gone for a little while, but it's like they never even left. In this beautiful life, you find music when you need it the most. The metal "powers that be" allowed me to headbang and windmill my raven Rapunzel hair to Winds of Plague for the first time about a decade ago. I was just coming of age, full of fire and Winds of Plague's hard and heavy sound was just what I needed. I will say this, of all the times I've seen them live over the years, it doesn't just feel like a metal show, it feels like "I'm going to war" in the best way possible, and it's ALWAYS cleansing and so transformative.

If you haven't checked W.O.P. yet, start with their signature tracks "The Impaler", "Decimate the Weak", & "Approach the Podium". Assuming you've hit those tracks and you're already a fan, fast-forward to their newest album, "Blood Of My Enemy". Put out on Good Fight Records, also repping Fit For An Autopsy (who I recently rocked with in NY at the St Vitus Bar), The Contortionist, Cancer Bats and a bunch of other killer acts. You could basically make your new favorite playlist just by going band by band through their roster.

W.O.P.'s music is enough get you give you all the metalhead feels and tingles, but they've also been up to a lot off the road and out of the studio. Metal-maniac-drummer-man-extrordinaire Art Cruz just launched the street driven, baseball themed clothing brand Base Lords. Metal tee snob approved, and worn by the most stylish of baseball fans, even Nick Rickles of the Phillies & Dino Cazares of Fear Factory have been spotted sporting Base Lords. New collection out soon & available through baselords.co.

Jonny Plague, AKA Jon Cooke, the always animated front-man of W.O.P. just opened his R-rated, horror-themed group of escape rooms in So-Cal, Black Market Escape Rooms. Located at 1220 W 9th St in Upland, California, go to bit.ly/2EMbJdL to pick your horror experience, check the availability calendar and book your tickets. Escape not guaranteed, and those who jump & close their eyes at the first scary parts of a movie definitely won't make it.

W.O.P. has picked up a few new members. Adrienne Cowan on keys and back-up vox in particular. I just automatically liked this chick. Badass metalhead girl, dripping with talent, and fun as hell. Totally the kind of girl who would have your back in the pit and do 3 too many shots with you at the bar after a show. Check her other projects, Seven Spires Band & First Bourne Band!

W.O.P. just got off the road with Carnifex and Oceano. Catch them next at The Observatory in Santa Ana, California with Bleeding Through & Iron Curtain.