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Rocklahoma Recap from Miss Rocklahoma 2018

This isn't Toddlers & Tiaras, it's a beautiful woman and rockstars! Anyone can interview a band these days... I've been there, I'll continue to do that, BUT, what other festival do you know of that has all the bands you love, plus a beauty pageant! Joining me for a fun Rocklahoma recap is Miss Rocklahoma 2018, Kimberly Jones!

Scandalous: Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who's the hottest Miss Rocklahoma of them all?! Well it's Miss Rocklahoma 2018, of course, Kimberly Jones!

Scandalous: So you've spent your fair share of time around rockstars when you used to party at the Playboy mansion. Any crazy stories, or fun/ favorite memories?

Miss Rocklahoma: My time over at the mansion was incredible for sure! One of my favorite memories was the time that I got to party with Nikki Sixx and his wife. Motley Crue has long been one of my all time favorites and being able to meet them and hang out was a dream come true! It's one of the best things to meet someone so famous and so awesome and to see that they are just very humble and fun loving. Oh and I do have to say that it was myself, Nikki Sixx and some of the most famous playmates at that time. I mean who has that kind of night happen?!

S: That's so fun! So, Oklahoma is definitely a casino state! You obviously know how to beat the odds in a beauty pageant and come out on top, any advice for coming out on top on the casino floor?

MR: Lol yes, Oklahoma is definitely a casino state. It has provided me an awesome life, but not in the way you might think. I'm a showgirl for the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tulsa. Just like you see in Vegas, I wear the big feather outfits. I don’t gamble (sometimes I wish I did when I see some of those big winners), but I might end up liking it too much! I know my limits! ;) If you do end up at the Hard Rock, just go for the fun of it, fit in a great meal and and catch a show. Then, win or lose, you'll have a great time!

S: I'll be sure to pack in an incredible meal and come see your show next time I'm in town! So back to Rocklahoma, besides the obviously incredible "scholarship program", ;) what made you want to compete for Miss Rocklahoma?

MR: I’ve always had a little bit of a shy side. I’ve always been a little unusual, a little artsy, a little bit of a loner, but I’ve always been a whole lot rock n roll. So when one of my best friends brought it up, I realized that this fit me more than anything else did. I impatiently wait for Rocklahoma every year & I thought it would be that perfect opportunity to show other girls just like me that you can be you, get yourself out there & live an awesome life, just as you are. I wanted to prove that you don't have to be a girl in the “popular group" to do awesome things!

S: Well I love that, and I think that's such a beautiful reason to go after something! Most beauty queens talk about "world peace" & philanthropy, but the Rocklahoma organization actually does more for local charities than most people realize. How much money was raised last weekend and where did it all go?

MR: Rocklahoma always raises a huge chunk of money to help with local charities in the Pryor area. They actually raised well over $20,000 dollars for the Pryor area Chamber of Commerce who distributes that money to other local charities.

S: Amazing! Any cool things happen off the main stage that we didn't get to see? Did you eat any funnel cakes?

MR: So we came off stage from doing a guitar auction and who do we find just hanging with some of the fans? Brett Michaels! He was back there just hanging and taking pictures and signing things. It was so cool just seeing him take out time in his busy schedule to just be there for the fans. And no! Ha! I didn't eat any funnel cakes. I'm more of a BBQ kind of girl, or Mexican food, or burgers... OK now I’m hungry!

S: What bands did you most enjoy at Rocklahoma this year, and who do you want to see play next year?

MR: Oh my gosh, there were quite a few that were awesome! The funnest ones for me were Powerman 5000, Butcher Babies, and Trivium! I got some crowd surfing time in with all three of them! Powerman 5000 was so good, I wish their set would have been longer. Who doesn’t love 2 hot, hardcore chicks, that know how to do a real hair whip? Butcher Babies never disappoint! Trivium is always awesome and brought the metal to the first day. They bring it every single time I see them!

On the main stage, well I mean who wasn’t good, right?! I was so impressed by Lizzy Hale with the amount of rock energy that she just radiates, & her singing with Tom Keifer, what a moment! Oh, and the spinning drum off with Godsmack, YES PLEASE! Sully is one multi-talented guy. But, one of the best moments was Brett Michaels, & his tribute to the men and women that have served for our country with the song,” Something to Believe In”. He had the crowd turn on the flashes on their phones during that song and it just lit up the night! It was an amazing way to end of an amazing Memorial Day Weekend at Rocklahoma!

Next year I would love to see some returning bands like Slipknot, Volbeat, Down, and In this Moment, but I would also love to see Greta Van Fleet, Nine Inch Nails, Steven Tyler, & OZZY for the first time!!!!! Also, really impressed with the music from Miss May I, Cane Hill, and Norma Jean!

S: Well that's a really good starting lineup for Rocklahoma 2019, the festival organizers could just start there! Anything you want to leave us with?

MR: I hope that during this year as Miss Rocklahoma 2018, I get to talk to as many people as possible about rock n' roll and the role it plays in their lives. I am documenting all of my time this year and hope to make an impact with it. Keep up with me on Instagram at @Kimberlyinthe918, on Facebook at Facebook.com/MissRocklahoma2018kimberly and on born4creativity.com, up soon!